Matthew Rosenbloom-Jones

Wausau’s new transit director started last week

Matthew Rosenbloom-Jones

The city’s new transit director started his new job with the city last week. 

Matthew Rosenbloom-Jones started Monday, March 20 as the new director of Metro Ride. Rosenbloom-Jones replaced retiring transit director Greg Seubert, who finished employment with the city in January. 

Seubert’s retirement came as Metro Ride had struggled last year to fill bus driver positions, so much so that Seubert often found himself driving buses in order to keep the routes running. This year the city was able to fill many of those positions. 

His retirement also came at a time when the city hired a consultant to develop a plan to revitalize Metro Ride, which had seen a continual decline in ridership for years, especially once the municipalities outside Wausau dropped service nearly 10 years ago now. The community saw those plans last year. 

Rosenbloom-Jones comes with a long history of work in the transit area. He worked in transit planning and scheduling in places such as New York and Kentucky, the D.C. Metro area and Minneapolis. 

Rosenbloom says he was attracted to the job here because of how friendly everyone is and how committed to the good work the city does. 

Mayor Katie Rosenberg told the Transit Commission she’s very excited to have Rosenbloom-Jones on board.