What to watch the week of May 21-22

Twin Peaks

Sunday 8 pm | Showtime



David Lynch’s long-awaited revival takes place 25 years later, consists of 18 episodes, features 200 characters, and that’s about all anyone knows. The new Twin Peaks hasn’t been shown to critics, and its creators have been tight-lipped about details other than name-dropping guest stars (Laura Dern, Ashley Judd, Tim Roth, Naomi Watts, Robert Forster, etc.). This Pacific Northwest bizarre-noir was too much for 1990s TV to handle, so no one should doubt Lynch’s ability to push the envelope on Showtime.

Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter

Monday 11 pm | Adult Swim


Season premiere: Now that Neon Joe (Jon Glaser) has exacted revenge upon his father, defeated the evil Cybots, and retired from the werewolf hunting game (see how much you missed in Season 1?), he can finally realize his lifelong dream: opening his own tiki bar. But before you can say “Heyup!” Joe’s pulled back into supernatural danger to take on a rival werewolf hunter, billionaire playboy Plaid Jeff (Godfrey, Steven Universe). Glaser’s eye-patched mercenary with an incomprehensible Cajun accent may be one of the most ridiculous Adult Swim characters ever, but at least he’s concise: Neon Joe’s second season is only five episodes long, running nightly and wrapping up on Friday.