What’s up with Crostini Bar?


Nope, downtown Wausau’s newest bar-restaurant addition, Crostini, is still not open. But within a month’s time the place on Third Street will be offering craft beer and wine, and gourmet, small plate food… or else.

Crostini was supposed to open in mid-December, and was competing for the city’s lone remaining regular liquor license against two other places. Crostini won out, but its liquor license obviously has been unused for months. Meanwhile, the other businesses, Masa Sushi Grill & Bar and Wausau on the Water, opened using a much more expensive “reserve” liquor licensing.

A regular liquor license comes with a one-time cost of $600. The reserve license costs $10,000.

Wausau’s Public and Safety Committee on Monday, May 15 granted Crostini a 30-day extension. Members made it clear that would likely be the last one, as the committee has given 90-day extensions twice already.

All three restaurants told the committee they’d open by Dec. 15, but none hit that target. Masa and WOW opened earlier this winter.

Crostini owner Troy Davis says construction delays over winter caused the initial holdup. More recently Davis lost the key manager who was to run the food operation. The bar is ready to go, he says, and the food part will be as soon as he finds a new chef.