There are four young professional groups in the Wausau area. At least during a statewide promotion of young professionals, MCDEVCO’s Nick O’Brien is hoping these local groups will all act as one.

O’Brien plans to coordinate all four groups—E3YP, Emerging Leaders, Urban Pulse and Friday Night Fun—to work collaboratively on developing Wausau’s approach to the statewide Young Professionals week. With local business, civic and cultural leaders calling for the Wausau area to attract more young professionals, nailing YP week is crucial for Wausau, O’Brien says.

The meeting will be held at 6 pm Nov. 29 inside the future site of the Crostini Wine Bar on Third Street. Anyone interested in attending the meeting to offer ideas and insights for Wausau’s participation in YP Week or other ideas on how to improve the area for young professionals is welcome to attend.

YP Week is a initiative in which communities across the state plan a series of events celebrating and promoting young professional. Last year fourteen other communities, including Stevens Point, Wisconsin Rapids and Marshfield, joined Wausau in participating in YP Week.