Amazon’s new Weston warehouse expected to drive jobs, reduce wait times

Amazon weston
An Amazon Distribution Center, courtesy Amazon. Not necessarily a representative of what Weston’s will look like.

A new Amazon Distribution Center under construction in Weston is expected to brings jobs to the area while reducing wait times for customers.

Weston officials revealed recently that Weston will be getting a distribution center for Amazon, which it previously had been coding Project Timberwolf.

The distribution center is expected to be 79,000 square feet and will cost roughly $15 million to construct. Work is currently underway on construction of the project near the intersection of highways J and 29, and it’s expected to be completed as early as late 2024, or early 2025.

Weston hid the project under the name of Project Timberwolf, only recently revealing it to be an Amazon warehouse. According to the final report from outgoing administrator Keith Donner: “Project Timberwolf is no longer. AMAZON is coming to town! Jennifer as ably handled media questions about the project.”

According to online maps, right now the closest distribution center is in the Fox Valley area. Having a distribution center in the Weston area should reduce wait times for many items ordered by Wausau area residents.