Good news for dogs

Running dog at summer. Jumping fun and happy pet walking outdoors.

Running dog at summer. Jumping fun and happy pet walking outdoors.

The town of Rib Mountain is set to purchase four acres of county-owned land to create a dog park at the intersection of Oriole Lane and County Hwy. R.

Town Administrator Gaylene Rhoden says she hopes the Marathon County board will approve the $5,400 land purchase at June’s meeting, but there are many other hurdles to clear before any construction can start.

The cost for a dog park on the four-acre property is $107,195, which includes fencing, a parking lot and landscaping. So funding will be an issue before the dog park can open. The town applied for a stewardship grant with Wisconsin DNR, but that’s a 50/50 matching grant. The town also is applying for a county Environmental Impact Fund Grant, and has been in contact with the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin. The town also has been doing its own fundraising as well.

Dog parks are popular. Currently, Weston has the one in the Wausau area. A dog park on the west side of the Wisconsin River is needed, says Rhoden. Plus, this one would be along the popular bike-ped trail that runs alongside County Hwy. R.

“This park is going to be open to everyone. I think there’s an appeal because there isn’t a park like this on the west side of the Wausau area,” Rhoden says. “It’s a bit of a drive for some people to go to Weston. Ours is going to be a bit smaller. It’s going to be unique in that it’s right off a trail.”