Patty's Music Wausau

New owners have taken over Patty’s Music, continuing a legacy

Patty's Music Wausau

Patty’s music opened nearly four decades ago. And while it never closed, Patty herself had health issues and it was open infrequently under her sons when she passed, since they both had full-time jobs themselves. So some might have been under the impression it wasn’t open. 

That’s about to change. Ginnie Mootz and her husband took over the business and is ready to restore the shop to its former glory. 

Mootz opened for business on Friday. 

Patty’s music renewed

Walking into Patty’s Music that day, it looked a lot like it did when I was a kid shopping there. The store’s primary focus is sheet music, which sets it apart from other music shops in town that focus on musical instruments. Vocal music, horn music, strings music and especially piano music line the shelves on the ground level and the upstairs rooms, where Patty and others once taught lessons. There is even music for dulcimers and accordion, Mootz says.

Besides that, the shop carries a lot of the accessories those musicians need – reeds for wind instruments, or rosin for bows, for example. 

And all that is housed in a white house with a Patty’s Music sign in the front on Kent Street, next to the Kwik Trip, something that’s always been a distinguishing feature of the business. 

Suitable new owner

Mootz seems perfectly positioned to run the business. She has taught band at Newman Catholic Middle School for 24 years, and she herself had ordered music from Patty over that time. 

But business is all new to her, so she’s learning that aspect — and she loves learning, so that’s a bonus as much as it is a challenge. 

Mootz heard through word of mouth that Patty’s sons wanted to sell the business, and she thought it might be an interesting opportunity to try something different. Right now she’s still teaching at Newman but may consider fully concentrating on the business in the years to come. 

The challenge now is to build the business to what it once was. “Our big goal is just getting the word out,” Mootz told City Pages. She wants to start working with students and with the schools in the area, letting them know they are back in business. 

Besides sheet music and supplies, Patty’s Music carries gifts for musicians, such as glassware, jewelry, even things such as music stands and blankets. 

Customer welcoming Patty’s Music back

Like this reporter, she’s already hearing from people who went to Patty’s Music as children and are excited to see the store make a comeback. “I’m hoping to continue that warm feeling with customers, that ‘Oh I love going here,’” Mootz says. 

The good news is the building is in good shape. Looking around, it looks almost like a brand new store, except for perhaps the pea green carpet that looks like it dates to the 1980s, perhaps 1987 when the store opened. 

For Mootz, the big challenge is just making sure the music community knows that Patty’s Music is open and ready for their business.