Beyond Blessed Therapies

How Flora Jerde went from hospice work to creating Beyond Blessed Therapies

Sometimes, those who face death regularly cannot go on to help others live their best lives, but, Flora Jerde is different. With simple techniques, she heals and gives people hope for the future.  

“[She is] an incredible being,” Kyle Zimmerman writes in a 2019 Facebook post. “[Flora has] impacted my life in ways I haven’t even discovered, but I am enjoying every minute of the unfolding of it. Since my first session, I’ve received new inspiration and content for my book.”

The Michigan transplant and one-time Aspirus Health Care, Inc. hospice worker has a background in massage therapy and holistic treatments like vibrational sound and reiki and is the face behind Beyond Blessed Therapies in Schofield. Jerde’s practice opened up in 2021 and also offers halo or “dry salt” therapy for lung issues. 

“Just as COVID-19 started I started to see how frequencies were helping people,” she says. “I was seeing a couple of clients on the side while I was working full time with Aspirus and I found myself wanting to try and help hospice patients live longer. Before my mom passed in 2004 she knew I was starting to think about opening this up and I knew I was ready. It has been great.”

Beyond Blessed Therapies offerings

Beyond Blessed Therapies now offers full body red light therapy, Vibroacoustic therapy, vibrational sound therapy, Qi Coil (PEMF) therapy, BrainTap therapy and halotherapy (dry salt therapy).

At launch, Jerde’s multi-room space only took up one suite over at the Old Western Village on 320 Ross Ave. but within 10 months she grew so much that she bought two suites to fit her growing clientele. And that growth came strictly through word-of-mouth. 

She has even had relatives and friends volunteer their time for things like painting and updating the flooring. While it is never easy, Jerde has converted skeptics to love her stuff in addition.

“I have had people who were all about listening to their doctor but are starting to look a little bit more into the alternative side,” Jerde adds. “Maybe they started with massage therapy and now they have completely converted. It means everything to me. My goal is for people to open up.”

Future plans

In the future, Jerde wants to educate people more about what she does and network while introducing more services before potentially expanding to multiple locations. She hopes people realize she is not just a space for massage therapy (though it’s available). 

Those looking to learn more can check out Beyond Blessed Therapies on Facebook or by calling 715-409-1563. Costs for different treatments vary at this time and those wanting to learn more can head to where each service is listed as well as upcoming events at the facility. 

Evan J. Pretzer is a contributor to City Pages. He can be reached at [email protected].