Reverend meantooth

Reverend Meantooth, Outlaw’D and other Wausau area events

Friday, 1/5 | The Garage, Wausau


Their name is Outlaw’D, so make sure to see them at the Garage on Friday before the Sheriff comes and arrests them! But seriously, they have been playing country music since 2006. Originally hailing from Upper Michigan, the band has been performing a broad range of classic songs in the genre in Michigan and Wisconsin for nearly two decades. With a pedal steel guitar and a fiddle to go with the standard guitar, bass and drums, this show is a great opportunity for all country fans to start the new year on the right note. 7-10 pm. Free.

Rev. Meantooth & Keith Daniel’s Psycho Swamp Stomp Band

Friday, 1/5 | Arrow Sports Club, Schofield

Reverend meantooth

This double-feature of unique musical acts is an auspicious beginning to the new year. Keith Daniel performed in bands such as Dead Modern Villains and Apocalyption for years in the Green Bay area before going solo and introducing a genre he calls ‘psycho swamp stomp’. It’s a sound that performs home-recorded alchemical experiments with blues, doom metal, and synthesizers, arriving at something singular. Joining Daniel is Reverend Meantooth, another local talent also known as Tom Jordan of 20 Watt Tombstone. In the latter band, Jordan plays an interesting mix of stoner metal and Delta blues. As Reverend Meantooth, he puts a different spin on the Delta blues by taking on the role of a fire-and-brimstone gospel preacher. His song “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” delves into grief and loss, transforming stories of pain into something revelatory and healing. 9 pm.

Brewery Comedy Tour
Saturday, 1/6 | Mosinee Brewing Company, Mosinee

In its tenth year, the Brewery Comedy Tour brings NY and LA based comedians to breweries across the country. On Saturday, the tour stops in Mosinee where a number of comics will be performing stand-up. Although the event’s website doesn’t indicate the names of the performers, it should be a very funny night in any case. It’s also an opportunity to try a few selections at the Mosinee Brewing Company tap room – which may help to make the stand-up comedy that much funnier. 7:30 pm. $20, discounts for getting tickets early.

Mon-Tues, 1/8-1/9 | Grand Theater, Wausau

Stomp has been an enduring part of the Broadway landscape for close to 30 years, due in part to its position at the intersection of dance, music and theater. The show revolves around turning surprising everyday items – brooms, newspapers, garbage cans – into the basis for entertaining percussive performances. The show has become a household name and has been touring internationally for decades. Completely wordless, the performance lets these everyday objects speak, building the sounds of dribbling basketballs and rustling newspapers into a mesmerizing spectacle. Stomp is fun and appropriate for the whole family as well, and kids may be particularly taken with the percussive magic made from the objects around them. 7:30 pm. $60-93. More info at