Christopher Ashburn Tune Tots

Tune Tots aims to fill a children’s musical entertainment gap

Christopher Ashburn Tune Tots

Christopher Ashburn’s career has taken some twists and turns. He played in bands up in the U.P of Michigan. He now works as a small business specialist at a local bank. 

But his career is taking yet another twist: He started a children’s entertainment company called Tune Tots. Tune Tots is a company that throws engaging concerts for children to help keep them entertained. Ashburn explains the concerts go beyond entertainment though. The concerts are designed to be interactive, inspiring children toward an interest in music. 

Ashburn says his business is modeled on similar programs he’s seen elsewhere — he points to Mr. Dave in Chicago, which actually has a physical location where parents pay a monthly fee to bring their children to on a regular basis. 

Tune Tots isn’t quite going that far – but the business is partnering with area venues to help put on these concerts to bring music to the children, something he said he thought was missing when he and his wife moved to the area 9 years ago. 

Ashburn said he got the idea after his son was born. Once he was old enough where they could start taking him out of the house, they were looking for more options to take him places. “After our 35th trip to the library, it seemed like there wasn’t much for children his age to do,” Ashburn told City Pages. 

Tune Tots is only just getting started, but so far buzz is spreading. Ashburn says they’ve tested it out on a few unofficial shows, and the one ticketed show they’ve done so far hit capacity. “There’s been a huge amount of interest,” Ashburn says. 

In March Tune Tots will be playing a show in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and then another at Timekeeper (he explains they’re billing it as being at the historic train depot, and of course there will not be any alcohol served). 

Then they have a cancer benefit planned, a library event and they’re working on setting up a show at the Children’s Imaginarium, which Ashburn says his family has really been enjoying. 

What’s one of these shows look like? Ashburn says they start with a couple of high-energy songs in which the children can dance around and twirl, then they grab an instrument to play along with (which are returned in a separate pile to be sanitized later). Then they might have a dance contest, and then slow things down with a couple of slower songs. They might finish with a song like the hokey pokey. 

Ashburn says he’s keeping his day job, but believes the business will continue to grow, because there is a need for more children’s entertainment in the area. “There’s definitely a need out there,” Ashburn says. “There’s no shortage of children, but there is a shortage of the kinds of events that allow kids to burn off a little energy.” 

Those interested in looking for upcoming events in the area or want to learn more about Tune Tots can check out