Wausau Ironworks Department of Public Works

City gets look at design, cost estimates for new public works building 

Wausau Ironworks Department of Public Works

City leaders got their first look at what a new Department of Public Works building could look like — as well as the price tag. 

Estimates for the new building at the old Wausau Ironworks site on West Street on Wausau’s west side, including some demolition needed to make the site work, show the project would cost more than $25 million. 

And that doesn’t include the cost of purchasing the site, which the city doesn’t own. 

The city initially wanted to move the DPW to a new location because the old one is getting cramped and doesn’t include enough space for its needs. Expansion on the Miron Street facility didn’t make sense because even buying land around it wouldn’t give it enough space. 

Members of the Capital Improvement and Street Maintenance Committee heard a presentation on the IronWorks site from Barrientos, which is designing the project. 

Public works staff told the committee last week that the new design should work well for the staff for years to come.