mortchee's carryout

Mortchee’s Carryout is bringing Asian takeout to the west side

mortchee's carryout

Mortchee’s Carryout and Catering is a new takeout restaurant in the former West Side Tasty Treat.

Anyone driving down Third Avenue might notice a new sign on the building that once housed West Side Tasty Treat. 

The sign, which says Mortchee’s, is named after the son of the family running the business. Mortchee’s Carryout and Catering is a new carryout Asian food restaurant operating out of what was once an ice cream shop. 

Sa Sor, the mother of the family and speaking on behalf of the business, says her 20-year-old son Mortchee Vang who runs the business. Sor, who works as a Marathon County Corrections officer, helps out with the business and her husband Michy Vang also works there. Sor helps out on her off days. 

Mortchee’s Takeout brings something different and familiar

So what is it? Sor tells City Pages that Mortchee’s is a takeout restaurant serving Asian food, a mix of Thai, Chinese and Hmong food. But what sets them apart, Sor says, is that they will also make you just about anything you ask for. 

That comes out, especially in the catering side of the business. Sor says people often ask for different kinds of food not found on the menu, and they’re happy to oblige. Most people who come to the restaurant for takeout typically stick to the menu. 

On that menu are some classics you probably already recognize: Orange chicken, General Tsao’s chicken and sesame chicken are some of her customers’ favorites. 

Others such as Pad ka prao might be less familiar to many Wausau patrons, but definitely makes for a tasty dish. 

Opening in a familiar spot

The family opened the restaurant in November. Prior to that, the previous owners who took over West Side Tasty Treat served Filipino food out of the carryout spot, and served ice cream in the summer. 

Sor says the family chose the location because it had all the equipment ready to go. But frankly, they had a hard time finding a restaurant building to open up in. 

The family is still eyeing a second location that actually has a seating area, Sor says. They’d like to keep both locations. “We plan to go farther and farther into the city,” Sor says. 

On a Friday afternoon, someone approaches the counter during our interview. Michy whips together the meal pretty quickly, getting the customer back on his way in a matter of minutes. The meal he ordered also came with a chicken skewer. (Customers have a choice of skewer or egg roll.)

Right now, many of their customers are from the surrounding businesses on the near west side, Sor says. But if the word keeps getting out, that base will expand. 

There might even be ice cream in the summer as homage to West Side Tasty Treat’s original business. It’ll scooped, not soft serve, but it’s possible. 

But serving up Asian food you won’t have to wait long for is the main focus. 

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