Unglitch marketing wausau

New Unglitch marketing business aims to help businesses get the word out and grow

Unglitch marketing wausau

Running into trouble with a business can feel like being a computer with a virus. But thankfully Jacquelyn Tolksdorf is here to get people in that situation become un-glitched, unstuck, and back to having some fun.

In fact, it’s in the name itself. 

Since 2014 the Wausau entrepreneur has been the brains behind The Unglitch Marketing Studio and she recently opened the brand’s first-ever physical space on Third Avenue. Before this, Tolksdorf’s efforts to help others earn on their own were based out of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, but the realities of UP winters made her rethink her base of operation.

“One year there was a world record for snowfall, and, I went, ‘nope, I miss Wausau,’” Tolksdorf says. “So, I got back around the time COVID-19 kicked off and have been on the hunt for the right little space. I needed something less dungeon-like and with lots of natural light as well.”

What Unglitch Wausau marketing offers

Besides marketing, Unglitch offers website design, search engine optimization, logo design and brand strategy among a number of services businesses need to be successful in today’s environment. 

In the former location of the Blue Bird Children’s Boutique, clients can meet with Tolksdorf and purchase marketing services for their business such as research and graphic design at a leaner rate than bigger organizations typically charge. And Unglitch added a new service: rentable space creative folks suc has photographers can rent out. Tolksdorf is bringing in several artists for interesting pop-up photo sessions. 

“We are going to have Wolfskull Creative in January,” she says. “They do really great guerilla photography and will be offering musicians portrait sessions. In 30 minutes, they will get as many pictures as possible for $300 and will keep all the copyrights. In April, Steven Glynn will be here and he does tintypes where you have to sit for a little bit and then it is made right there.”

More opportunities

Those looking to rent the space in between others who have it reserved can do so through peerspace.com. General cost to rent will be about $75 for one hour with discounts being made available to those who choose more hours. 

For Tolksdorf, this is an opportunity to help those with talent who may not have their own physical site for their work and in time. She also has plans to provide space to help more creative people do what they do.

“I would love to get a large space so people can donate things like yarn, housepaint, and old phones for an artist to reuse,” Tolksdorf says. “If you have junk to toss, the chances are an artist will turn it into something unique. It would not be expensive and maybe in five to 10 years.” 

The Unglitch Marketing Studio is located at 622 N. Third Ave. in Wausau. Information can be found on their Facebook page, unglitch.carrd.co, and appointments can be scheduled there too. 

Evan J. Pretzer is a freelance contributor to City Pages. He can be reached at evanjpretzer.com or [email protected].