A&A Restaurant

Siblings transformed this Grand Avenue location into A&A Restaurant

A and A restaurant wausau

A pair of siblings, Albion and Albiona Rushani, just transformed a restaurant location that’s been a number of restuarants over the years into A&A Restaurant  

The siblings who first called North Macedonia home came to the United States about 10 years ago and opened up their spot on Sept. 25 where Jenny’s Family Restaurant, Wausau Cafe and Green Forest Restaurant used to be on Grand Avenue. Offerings at the comfort food establishment include pancakes, salmon and gyros. It has been something the brother and sister have slowly been building up to as time has gone by. 

At first, Albiona was more into the culinary arts than Albion, but, he eventually found a love for cooking after getting to create some dishes. By 2022 they were ready to go into business.

“We were talking and we said ‘Why not try and do it ourselves?’” Albiona Rushani says. “I like new experiences actually and I am not afraid to challenge myself. We moved here without knowing any English … it has made us more independent and not afraid to chase our dreams.”  

A&A Restaurant transformation

Albion (20) and Albiona (25) also had to renovate the space completely in the lead-up to opening. Changes to the 1702 Grand Avenue spot include new floors, a ceiling, brand-new paving for the parking lot, and tables and chairs to help with establishing their business identity. 

So far, each thing that has come up has been easy for the pair to tackle together. Sharing the family bond has been a strength for the duo. 

“It has been easy and goes really smooth,” Albion Rushani adds. “We understand each other.” 

Looking to the future

Future plans include bringing on their parents to help out, the addition of a surprise menu item which has not been revealed as of filing. They’re hopeful the menu will be a success, where other businesses have tried in the past.

“We came here for opportunity, freedom, and a better life,” Albiona Rushani says.

More information about the A & A Restaurant can be found on their Facebook page or by calling 715-298-1064. Their current hours are Mondays through Sundays from 7 a.m. through 8 p.m., and you can find their complete menu online. People love the updated décor and friendly staff, according to online reviews.

Evan J. Pretzer is a freelance contributor to City Pages. He can be reached at evanjpretzer.com or [email protected]