Bennie Green tailgater shooting

Tailgater accused of firing into vehicle facing attempted homicide charges

Bennie Green tailgater shooting

A man police say tailgated a family in a car and shot into their vehicle is now facing multiple felonies including attempted homicide. 

Police say Bennie Green, 41, of Tony had been tailgating another vehicle on Highway 51 north of Wausau heading north. Reports say he would allow them to pass then speed up and tailgate them again. He then pulled up alongside the vehicle and fired into it twice, according to police reports. One person was injured and taken to the hospital from the incident. 

Police chased Green in a high-speed pursuit back to Wausau after being identified by Lincoln County deputies. A Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy disabled his vehicle and he was arrested. 

Green faces one count of attempted homicide and six counts of recklessly endangering safety (five first degree and one second degree). He also faces charges of operating while intoxicated, OWI causing injury, shooting a firearm from a vehicle, felony possession of a firearm and possession of meth. He is currently being held on a $500,000 bond. 

A Lincoln County deputy received minor injuries from a minor crash during the pursuit. 

Green will appear in court for a preliminary hearing today, Nov. 6.