modern alternatives wausau

Tracy Peterson started Modern Alternatives with services such as halotherapy

modern alternatives wausau

When seeking to improve overall health, everyone wants something that does not break the bank and is rooted in a background of tried-and-true treatments. At Modern Alternatives, Tracy Peterson is doing her best to provide those very treatments. 

The entrepreneur with a background in psychotherapy who also oversees the Compass Counseling Wausau office on Grant Street launched her Modern Alternatives holistic healing space on Grand Avenue in Schofield last summer. Peterson says she opened the business after years of her noticing a lot of clients were not benefitting from traditional treatment methods for a variety of conditions. While items she has on offer like salt or halotherapy where a person breathes in air containing salt are elsewhere, adding in her regular skills creates a new sort of medical pair. 

“With my training and mental health background I think no one can do what I do as far as mental health is concerned,” she says. “Because I am a therapist I think I can approach things from really a truly holistic perspective versus some places where they just do certain things only.”

Modern Alternatives’ services range from $15 to $80, and include two contracted massage therapists and a saltwater floatation tank. As far as she knows, it’s the only saltwater flotation tank offered in central Wisconsin right now. 

Seeing people use that flotation tank and other services is one the best parts about starting this business, she tells City Pages. The speed with which people see changes in their bodies and start experiencing more functionality is one of the reasons she started the business.

“We had a gentleman who was introduced to halotherapy and was on three different asthma medications,” Peterson adds. “He could not walk up his steps without using an inhaler and since using halotherapy he is now down to one medication and rarely needs a rescue inhaler either.”

In the months and years to come Peterson wants to add services for veterans and bring in items like vibroacoustic therapy which involves massaging the human body through sound wave vibrations. Weston’s Kim Antell will always be grateful to Peterson for the services she offers at Modern Alternatives. 

“I walked out with ZERO pain,” she writes in a Facebook review. “I can’t wait to go back.”

Modern Alternatives is located at 718 Grand Ave. in Schofield and services can be booked at They can also be reached at 715-679-3608 and further information about what Tracy and her peers are working on can be found on their official Facebook page. 

Evan J. Pretzer is a freelance contributor to City Pages. He can be reached at or [email protected].