Wausau, other municipalities declare snow emergency

wausau snow emergency

Wausau and other municipalities have declared a snow emergency.

Wausau designated its snow emergency between 3 pm Friday and 3 pm Saturday. During a snow emergency, drivers are not able to park their cars on the street. That allows snow plow drivers to clear the streets without obstruction, and reduces the potential for accidents.

Those parking on the streets during a snow emergency can receive fines of $100.

Mosinee also declared a snow emergency Friday. Its emergency runs from 4 pm Friday to 6 pm Saturday. And the village of Weston is advising residents to not park in the street and forego travel as much as possible.

A number of schools and businesses have also closed. See the list here.

Snow is expected to be moderate to heavy, according to WSAW TV-7 – tapering off into Saturday but with drifting and high winds.