Toua Yang

Police seize enormous meth stash on Wausau’s west side

Toua Yang

Wausau police seized more than a pound of meth after a search warrant on the city’s lower west side. 

Police seized 1.3 pounds of meth during a search warrant on a home on the 700 block of Third Avenue back on Sept. 24. Police first released information about the meth seizure this week, and are seeking a suspect in dealing the found meth. 

Besides the meth, police also seized more than four pounds of marijuana, two firearms and various items of drug paraphernalia. 

Police say they are still searching for the man they suspect of trafficking the drugs, Toua Yang, also known as “Nitrous.” There is now a nationwide body-only warrant out for Yang, according to police reports, and he faces charges related to meth and marijuana dealing, as well as possession of a firearm.  

Anyone with information about Yang’s whereabouts should contact police at 715-261-7795.